About Us

Creative Company based in Kyoto.

Web design / Web application / Film / Photo / Branding

We hope to keep a close relationship with you just like relatives(Shinseki). More than just a customer or friend. Not a buddy-buddy relationship, but keeping an appropriate distance. Let us know more about you for the realization of real creativity.



Branding & Identity
Web Design
SEO Optimization
Web Development
Creative direction
Film make

Company Info

[client]区役所、県立大学、芸術大学、書家、お寺、NPO団体、NGO団体、 病院、医療団体、海外クライアント 等多数


[ceo]Kenta Yamaji

[established] 23th January ,2019 (Solo proprietorship from 2012)


[contact] tel : 090-7751-9496

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